I have drawn, and occasionally written, comic strips for 2000AD, Heavy Metal Magazine and Viz, as well as a plethora of stories for small press.

DR & Quinch
Mock 2000AD cover featuring characters from Alan Moore's DR & Quinch strip.
DR & Quinch comic art
Tales of Astoundment
Cover for anthology comic Tales of Astoundment.
Tales of Astoundment comic art
All the Best Tunes
Panels from horror comedy strip All the Best Tunes, which I wrote, drew and coloured.
All the Best Tunes comic art
The Karma Lounge
Panels from fantasy comedy strip The Karma Lounge, which I wrote and drew as a pitch.
The Karma Lounge comic art
Dredd/Sinister Dexter
A page from a crossover 2000AD strip by Dan Abnett.
Dredd/Sinister Dexter comic art
Judge Dredd - Dredd & Vienna
Judge Dredd art
Judge Dredd - Dredd & Orlock
Judge Dredd art
Judge Dredd - Dredd & PJ Maybe
Judge Dredd art
Rogue Trooper
Rogue Treeper art
Sinister Dexter
Sinister Dexter page